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Bottom painting is one of the key preventative maintenance jobs that keeps your boat in tip-top shape. A clean hull is safe, fast and efficient, while a fouled bottom cuts your top speed, damages maneuverability and lowers your fuel economy.  If you're boating in brackish and/or salt water then good anti-fouling paint is critical for keeping it performing its best. Other factors that may entice you to consider a bottom paint job would be gel-coat blister prevention, better boat speed, a pre-purchase survey inspection recommendation, or even the adjustment of your boat’s waterline.


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Pettit Vivid Antifouling Paint

Fresh bottom job on a 45' Ocean Sportfish using Pettit Vivid Antifouling Paint

Andiamo Bottom Job
Catalina Sailboat Paint

This Catalina Sailboat got a fresh bottom job, as well as new hull striping for a complete makeover!

Hull Detail

This customer received a fresh bottom job and full exterior detail to give his boat a "like new" finish

Running Gear Corrosion Protection

We ensure that the correct products are applied to protect your vessel's running gear.

Hunter Sailboat Bottom Job

Ablative Antifouling paint was used for this Hunter sailboat's fresh bottom job.

Antifouling Bottom Paint

Antifouling Bottom Paint was used to prevent corrosion and enhance overall performance

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