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Maintenance & Detailing

Waxing and detailing your boat is an essential process to keeping your boat in peak condition. Having your boat professionally cleaned (inside & out) will help maintain and protect the value, including the appearance, of your valuable investment. To provide long lasting protection against the strong Florida UV sun rays, plus the harsh salt water, we recommend detailing (polishing & waxing) your boat at least twice a year.

We can provide packages that are customized for your boating needs: regularly scheduled washes, exterior washes and waxing, or full interior/exterior detailing, to name only a few.

We also offer maintenance programs for regular mechanical service. These plans typically include starting and running your boat regularly, checking all fluids and pumps, ensuring there are no leaks or major issues needing to be addressed, oil and filter changes, and various other services that can be customized to your specific needs.


Contact us today to review the best option for your boat:  352-573-0177

Wash & Dry Maintenance Programs keep your boat in pristine condition
Waxing and Buffing your vessel helps maintain the value of your investment by ehancin its overall appearance
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